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From £150 (excluding VAT), the Report Review is an affordable and accessible flood risk review, combining desktop analysis and expert advice. Using readily available desktop information the review assesses whether the flood risk issue should be of concern or not.

The review provides three possible outcomes: the site is at a reduced risk of flooding; flood risk is confirmed and further investigation is unlikely to change the conclusion or there are still potential flood risk issues that need further investigation. In the latter case, the review will outline possible next steps to be taken.

With over 400 Report Reviews under our belt, we can help you determine and properly understand the risk of flooding to your property.

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The Desktop Review allows a more detailed review of flood risk. For instance, the Review will drill down into the flood risk data to determine likely flood depths.

The Review will also take account of local authority policy regarding flood risk. If the property is a recent construction, the Review will investigate whether flood risk issues were addressed at the planning stage.

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